Fox_movietone_2Welcome to my blog where I hope to provide more reasons to examine movies from the classic period of moviemaking, commonly referred to as 1930-1960, whether you’re a fan of TCM or one who considers an old movie anything made before 1990. The point is to discover gems from the treasure trove of movies made in that era, some well-known masterpieces, many great unknowns, and others not-so-great but fun to watch, along with some insights on them. There will also be discussions of certain types of movies of that era and the best examples of them so you’ll know what to look for the next time you’re thinking of something perhaps good and old to rent or download. The bottom line is to heighten appreciation for and perhaps add to your already existing enjoyment of some of the best movies made by the best moviemakers from the best period of moviemaking in history. So please, sit back and enjoy.

About bjbradford

An avid collector of classic movies for over 20 years ranging from the silent era through the early 1960's, from the justly famous to the unjustly obscure and quite a bit in between.
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